CMMCh is a private institution created in 2004 under the sponsorship of Nobel Prize Professor Mario Molina; Its mission is to create capacities in South America to address the problem of air quality and climate change; Is a R&D Center under CORFO Law for the promotion of private investments in R&D; Is dedicated to research and studies in air pollution and energy in South America, and is the top one center in Latin America in scientific papers publication in this topic; Rise funds from private companies, governments and international institutions.

CMMCh has a track of more than 100 projects and research studies in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay and more than 8 years working in capacity building at regional level in Latin America.

Works in close relation with universities and research centers in USA, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Has agreements with UNEP to implement Global Regional Programs inLatin American Region: Partnership for Clean Fuels&Vehicles Global Fuel Economy Initiative Soot free bus/Climate and Clean Air Coalition CMMCh is taking part in the Advance Motor Fuel Implementation agreement of the International Energy Agency