Calidad de vida y medioambiente

Abordamos los desafíos de la contaminación del aire y el cambio climático con tecnología y soluciones concretas.

Startups e industria

Trabajamos con los sectores público y privado para enfrentar los desafíos de la descarbonización.

Ciencia y tecnología

Desarrollamos tecnologías disruptivas para enfrentar la contaminación del aire, el cambio climático y la descarbonización en la industria y el transporte.

Pioneros en electromovilidad e hidrógeno verde

Impulsamos tecnologías sostenibles para promover el transporte limpio y reducir la huella de carbono.


LoV - IoT project, where the CMM participates with the Swedish Environment Institute (IVL) wins the prize as the year initiative of itSMF.

Based on "Internet of Things" technology and oriented to Smart City

itSMF is a global community that gathers knowledge about the best practices of the government in relation to the management of the Information Technology (IT) service. They focus primarily on international standards and frameworks that best contribute to making IT the engine of business and government.

The LoV - IoT project has the objective of validating and packaging an innovative low cost environmental monitoring system with this technology: Internet of Things (IoT), oriented to Smart City and a wide range of applications in Chile and the Caribbean. Latin American region.

This project is based on a prototype with low cost sensors, developed by an international consortium led by the Swedish Institute of the Environment (IVL) and in which the Mario Molina Chile Center is the only representative of the Latin American region.

The prototype is designed for the monitoring of air quality and other environmental parameters, so that information can be delivered in a simple way, online through cell phone applications or any other device with an internet connection.