Calidad de vida y medioambiente

Abordamos los desafíos de la contaminación del aire y el cambio climático con tecnología y soluciones concretas.

Startups e industria

Trabajamos con los sectores público y privado para enfrentar los desafíos de la descarbonización.

Ciencia y tecnología

Desarrollamos tecnologías disruptivas para enfrentar la contaminación del aire, el cambio climático y la descarbonización en la industria y el transporte.

Pioneros en electromovilidad e hidrógeno verde

Impulsamos tecnologías sostenibles para promover el transporte limpio y reducir la huella de carbono.


(PARMAT) En el marco de los Convenios bilaterales de CONICYT

Within the framework of the CONICYT bilateral Agreements, the call for JOINT RESEARCH PROJECTS IN MINING RESOURCES CONICYT-ACADEMIA DE FINLANDIA was opened at the end of 2015, with the aim of developing joint efforts in the generation and transmission of knowledge, training advanced human capital and generate networks that allow us to be informed, participate, and access cutting-edge research carried out in leading countries in science and technology. To this end, CONICYT, among other actions, promotes and supports the connection of the national scientific community with its peers abroad, having as purposes scientific excellence, mutual benefit and common interests, under various forms of collaboration, among them, support for joint research projects with shared funding.

  • In accordance with the objective of the agreement, 3 measurement campaigns were designed in the first year of the project.
  • Measurement Campaign with Low Cost Sensors of Particulate Material in Mining Environments in Finland.Measurement
  • Campaign in Urban Environments of the Metropolitan Region of Chile.


Collaborative Partner: FMI





Collaborative Partner:

Área de trabajo / Calidad del aire y Cambio climático

Estado / En Proceso

Cliente - Financiamiento / ACADEMIA DE FINLANDIA-CONICYT

Fecha Inicio / 2 de de 2018