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Trend analysis of particulate matter in Metropolitan Region and other South-Central Chilean urban areas

ID: 608897-89-LP19

Trend studies of particulate matter are a transcendental background information for the current Atmospheric Prevention and Decontamination Plan for the Metropolitan Region (PPDA, DS No. 31/2017), since they allow evaluating the effectiveness of the actions and measures focused on reducing emissions from various sources in the area.

The aim of this study is generate a technical background by performing the physicochemical characterization of the particulate material in the Metropolitan Region (RM) for the Parque O'Higgins station, between 2014-2018, in order to study the concentration trends of PM10 and PM2,5 of the main cities of the south-central zone of the country (Rancagua - Coyhaique) with decontamination plans in force, in order to support the monitoring of the evolution of air quality nationwide.

The RM has a unique database, international category and standards. It consists of the filters of fine and coarse particles that have historically been collected at the MACAM station in Parque O'Higgins (since 1998), which considers the gravimetric concentration of both fractions of MP and in addition to elementary composition. It is worth mentioning that this database has been used for various scientific publications (Barraza et al., 2017; Jhun et al., 2013; Koutrakis et al., 2005; Sax et al., 2007), and has served as one of the most robust indicators that the PPDA has to evaluate its efficiency. In this study this database will be updated until 2018 and therefore this information serves as a witness of everything that has happened in the MRI in 20 years of air decontamination history.

In turn, this time, an analysis of the concentration trend of the main cities in the south-central area of ??the country will be carried out, using validated statistical methodologies.

Área de trabajo / Calidad del aire y Cambio climático

Estado / En Proceso

Cliente - Financiamiento / Ministerio del Medio Ambiente

Fecha Inicio / 13 de de 2019